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HP Clips!!!

June 29, 2007

Finally! The movie opens on the 11th of July and they are FINALLY releasing clips (11 of them!).

You should go here and watch them. (But you must be patient, there are many people trying to watch and they are quite slow at times.)



I don’t even know what to title this…

June 25, 2007

So, this is what I witnessed my hubby, Jorge, doing this evening. He claims he needed to cut the top off to make it easier to reach the ice cream. When I asked him why he didn’t just put the ice cream that was left into a bowl, he response was, “I didn’t want to dirty a dish.”

Do you see what Jorge is willing to do to keep a bowl clean? Oh the sacrifices…

Hedwig! Well, kinda…

June 22, 2007
So, K brought up the subject of Harry Potter knitting just in time. I just finished a knitted version of Hedwig, my first Harry Potter knit.
Well, Hedwig doesn’t really look like Hedwig, more like a demonic snowman. Here, you look.

(the painfully cute furry thing helping me show off my knitted demon is one of my puppies, Jazz)

So, what do you think? Did I create a handmade hedwig, or a haunting holiday character?

Summer Knitty

June 12, 2007

An alert: The summer 07 edition of Knitty is now up! Go take a look.

I did already. Although I am not really interested in making anything in this edition, there are some fun things to look at!


June 9, 2007

So, now that you all know the big news, I have some fun things to show. Jorge and I have gone kinda crazy for funny, and sometimes crude onesies for the upcoming arrival. Since we have to stay gender neutral for now these are our best options. We got all 5 of these at Hot Topic.

Okay, here they are!

(I have to just say, this one is all Jorge’s idea)

(This is supposed to make our baby look like R2D2 in case you couldn’t tell. Again, Jorge’s idea.)

So, there you go, our funny baby clothes collection so far. I hope you enjoyed!

It’s Official!

June 7, 2007

Well, okay, it has been official for a while. But now I feel like I can actually blog about it.

I am pregnant!!! 13 weeks to be exact. I am due December 10th. I didn’t want to do something so permanent as blog about this until I had some confirmation other than my nausea and crankiness.

Need proof that I am indeed with child? Here you go!