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To Practice Swaddling…

September 14, 2007

So, as most of you are aware, I am knocked up. In celebration, one of my co-workers (who also happens to be knocked up) brought me a loverly bag of goodies. Included in this were bibs, a very cute fleece puppy outfit, a teething ring, two pairs of very cute shoes (I think I am obsessed), and a swaddling blanket.

On the tag of the swaddling blanket were instructions for swaddling. I decided that as a first-time mother, I need to practice this very important skill. A lack of a baby to practice on quickly came to my attention.

The next best thing? My poor puppies of course!

But would either one of them be a willing participant? I tried Disco first, thinking he might be willing.


But Jazz?

At first I thought that it was just when I held him that he would lay still. Surely, when I set him down, he would flip out, right?

Nope. He just laid there like a slug. It was CREEPY. What have I done to this poor soul to make him so willing? I have decided he just trusts me. Yep, that’s it…

Did you notice my awesome swaddling skills? And on the first try, thank you very much!