I went shopping too!

K did such a great job with her shopping booty, I didn’t want to be left out!

Clockwise from the left: Cotton Fleece in Sedona Red (the project on top is the start of the Cropped Cardigan with leaf ties from Fitted Knits), Knit One Crochets Too’s Ty-Dy in Pumkin Garden (destined to be some kind of cute piece of baby clothing for J inspired by the sweater that K made him out of Ty-Dy), Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in fuchsia (previously featured here as the start of the ill-fated lace scarf), Cascade Yarns Pima Tencel in color 1694 (no idea what this will be for, some kind of tank maybe?), Knit Picks Shine Sport in Orchid (see here for plans for this yarn), and the two balls are some cotton mill ends that I picked up (no idea what these will be either…).

The Cotton Fleece, Ty-Dy and mill ends were purchased at Soft Horizons Fibre in Eugene. I bought the Cashmerino and Pima Tencel at Boersma’s Knitting Basket in McMinnville.

Other recent purchases not pictured include a set of Knit Picks Options Harmony Wood Needles (I am totally in love!) and the Crochet Me pattern book.

I love yarn shopping, but now comes the hard part of figuring out where to put all of this new stuff!


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