Egg Wars

Lyndsay and I were assigned the task of making deviled eggs for my family’s Memorial Day get together. I decided we should spice it up a little and have a competition. This competition was not based on flavor, only on looks. G was our judge and had three categories to decide on: goo insertion (prettiness of the goo pile), paprika application, and overall beauty.

Before I reveal the results of our little contest (according to G) I thought I should let you all form your own opinion. Below are our eggs. When considering the eggs, be sure to judge based on all three categories!

My eggs

Lyndsay’s Eggs

So, what do you think?

G decided I had the best goo piles, while Lyndsay took the prize for paprika application and overall beauty. Do you agree?


5 Responses to “Egg Wars”

  1. G Says:

    I should explain that my final decision came down to the fact that, even though my wife’s goo piles were nicer, it looked like a paprika bomb had exploded over her eggs, detracting from the overall presentation.

    I’d also like to add that I was NOT assigned to bring anything, even though I love to cook, and do it just as much and just as well and my wife. Typical…

  2. Sonia Says:

    i agree that shanan’s piles her goo better, but it looks like she threw on the paprika with a baseball mitt. i think lyndsay’s whites look whiter and contributed to the overall beauty of her eggs.

    george, you weren’t part of the competition because boys don’t have eggs.

  3. Amy Says:

    I agree with the goo and paprika assessments. I think that should put it as a tie, and there should be a runoff for overall beauty (i.e., you each put your best single egg forward, or do a whole new batch and I loan you a damn pastry bag and a star tip so you can pipe in the goo all pretty-like!).

  4. G Says:

    I think the only logical thing to do is to join forces and create…THE ULTIMATE DEVILED EGG!!!

  5. Rosa Burnett Says:


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