My Boys

On Wednesdays, my boys stay at home (G works four 10-hour days now and Wednesday is his extra day off) and play while I have to go to work (poo!).

I guess yesterday G wanted to point out to me how much fun they were having at home without me. He sent me this picture.

My happy boys:

Please ignore the uber mess in the background. Pay attention only to the fun-having boys. Also note one of my furry boys in the lower left corner, blurry from motion!

G must have been bored, he sent me this picture as well.

My evil, freaky boys:

It is so nice of G to remind me throughout the day how much fun they are having at home without me! 🙂


2 Responses to “My Boys”

  1. G Says:

    Also notice the R2-D2 on the right. Fricken sweet…

  2. Random Woods » Blog Archive Says:

    […] received another dispatch about the Wednesday fun-having from G this morning.  He and J went to participate in a study (same one as mentioned here) and […]

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