Jaxon loves the Arts

Jaxon is a strong supporter of the arts.  First, he was a big part of the parade that starts our city’s local art fair this weekend.

He is the one on the left.

See, huge part of the parade.

He then was kind enough to actually attend the art fair the next day and enjoy some of the artsy goods.

Okay, so the goods weren’t that artsy, more sugary really, and he didn’t really enjoy it.  But he did watch G and I enjoy it!  That counts for something, doesn’t it?

After all of that activity this weekend, he requested we spend a day just relaxing at home.  So today, we did what he wanted to again.  (This boy just RULES our lives!)

We just chilled on the couch and Jaxon chewed on his snail chewy (by the way, Jaxon has his first tooth!) and the remote.

Good times.


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