Tuesdays with Dorie – Summer Fruit Galette

This week’s TWD recipe was chosen by Michelle of Michelle from Colorado Springs.  There were many options for the fruit to use, but after arriving at the grocery store and seeing that the plums were on sale, they became my fruit of the moment.

This was a fun recipe to make, but it didn’t quite go as planned…  Let me show you.

Here is the crust after I rolled it out.

I think that this is were the problems began…  Do you see the lighter pieces there?  Ya, that’s the butter…  The recipe said to not be afraid of the butter pieces, and so I decided not to be, even though the recipe for crust that I usually use does not result in polka dotted crust…  But I powered on.

Here is the galette with my plums.

I knew at this point that it was not going to be pretty, but I was okay with that.  It was going to be a little rustic anyway, so I decided not to bother trimming the edge of the crust after I rolled it out.  I didn’t want to waste the buttery goodness!

Well, 10 minutes into baking it, I realized that things weren’t going to be exactly as it should.

It was kind of, well, melting…  But I decided that ugly doesn’t mean non-yummy, so I continued on.

After adding the custard and finishing the baking, it was not the most beautiful baked good I have ever seen…

But, in my defense, it was still yummy.  Even with the custard spilling over the side of the crust and the whole thing being quite a mess…

You should go now to check out what this was supposed to look like from the rest of the group.

But tell me.  What do you think went wrong?  Was it the large butter dots in the crust?  Was it the fact that I skipped the optional 15 minutes in the freezer before I baked it?  Both?  Something else?

I would love for some input…  Teach me.  Share your wisdom.


7 Responses to “Tuesdays with Dorie – Summer Fruit Galette”

  1. Susan Says:

    Mine ran everywheretoo – i think it is a bit tempermental – but mine kind of overflowed versus oozed – so maybe it was the butter. But the freezing part was kind of critical. Oh well – like you said, still yummy!!

  2. Hannah Says:

    Ours had large butter dots as well. And did kind of bubbe (the crust) but not too badly! Good thing it tasted good!

  3. Pamela Says:

    Well, the plus side is that it tasted really good, right? As for the crust, I think it’s pretty normal to see the butter in the crust before baking. I’ve made this crust a few times now and I see it each time. So, you did fine there. I think it may have been that the dough was too warm. I didn’t freeze mine, just stuck it in the fridge to rest a little before baking. It definitely helps the crust. Besides, “rustic” = forgiving! Great job.

  4. kittymama Says:

    I had this happen a few times with this crust myself. I think you need to pulse more in the food processor to get smaller pieces of butter. I learned to let mine get fairly small (pea size) before adding water – then I pulse until it looks like cottage cheese curds (but not as wet as those!). Chilling might help too but I think it’s mainly the size of the butter pieces.

  5. Jules Says:

    At least it tasted delicious! Pretty is overrated.

  6. Barbara Says:

    It looks delicious, though!

    I think it might help to have the butter in slightly smaller pieces, although you should be able to see them as you roll out the crust. And it definitely helps to chill after formng the galette and before baking!

  7. amy Says:

    It still looks yummy! Freezing is key – the pie crust recipe I use has SO much butter, it’ll melt right away if the butter bits aren’t totally frozen when it goes into the hot oven. I’m usually too impatient, though, so I end up with pies with crust edges that have dropped off. 🙂

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