My Weekend – A Few Things

In list format for your convenience:

-Saturday G, J, and I went to the Red Bull Flugtag (videos of the crazy action here). We met Amy and Sonia there and had a great time. Jaxon was a total champ, only getting a little fussy when he was ready for a nap (which he did for well over an hour among the loud music and crowd!) and when he was hungry. My plan was to have lots of fun pictures of the action, but someone *cough*G*cough* forgot to charge the camera battery (even though a friendly reminder/request was given the night before) so no pictures. Amy came well equipped with her camera, so I will see pictures of the event (or at least of J being cute at the event) sooner or later, but geez.

-On Sunday Lyndsay hung out with us for the whole day, woo hoo! (Go eager Auntie who changes diapers!) She had warned us she was coming the week before, but it was a fun surprise to see her in J’s room when he woke up and I sent G in to get him. (No, he is not my slave, I got up 2 hours before to feed J, it was G’s turn!) She claims she did not actually wake him up (she is known for being eager for nap time to end) but G and I have our doubts! 🙂

-That morning, we went over to my parent’s house where we took the treadmill they were so generous to give us, then took a load of old chairs and boxes over to my grandpa’s house using our huge grocery-getter.

-Later, we dropped the boy off at my parent’s house and G and Lyndsay and I went to Starbucks (Lyndsay and I knit, G played with his new iPhone 3G). Um, is it sad that both G and I at one point panicked because we thought we had left the baby somewhere since he wasn’t with us? I think we need to take advantage of the grandparents more often and learn to have baby-free time where we don’t feel so weird. I think it is about time for that, given he is 7.5 freakin’ months old. (Okay, now I feel like a loser. I apparently need a life.)

-On the way out of the parking lot of Starbucks, I decided that G was my “huzzle” and Lyndsay was my “sizzle.” I am so hip.

-We stopped off at Target to look for a “Mom Bag” for me, but instead left with straw cups for J (he loves the sippy cups he has, but mainly just lets the water run out of his mouth and down his front). We were hoping the straw cups would stop this since he would have to work to get the water.

-We headed back to the ‘rents to have dinner and see the boy. My mom made Lasagna (I love having free babysitting from the same person who also spent that time cooking me dinner, thanks Mom!) and J napped while I ate so I could actually sit at the table and eat it warm like a human! (He always seems to wake and want to nurse just as we sit down at the table…)

-Success with the new straw cup for J. He loves it!

-After leaving there, our little group continued the search for my “Mom Bag.” Okay, let me explain the “Mom Bag” thing. I pick J up from daycare and we take the bus home 3 nights a week. I needed a bag that would allow me to carry his cooler, my cooler, my lunch bag and my purse all in one unit. I think my days of small purses are gone for a while. Anyway, I found a sherpani bag that I loved and so the “Mom Bag” was born. (We will not discuss how my bag is on sale at 50% online and was not where we bought it. It is too late and I am too lazy.)

-We got a new carrier for J! The one we have now is not so pleasant for long time periods and we wanted something that was more comfy and would let us go to things without the stroller (so annoying in crowds). It is huge but comfy, and the best part is that J loves it. He was giggling uncontrollably in the store while we were trying it. I think he likes the view from up there!

Okay, this post is huge. I did not plan that. If you made it down to the bottom, you have more patience for useless information that I would. How was your weekend?


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