It’s that time of year.

Here at our house, we are prepping for the holiday season.  That means, we have started putting the lights up!  Now, I know for most, that usually means just a few strands around the garage door or along the front of the roof line.  But, for our family, it is a production.

Since we have so many sets of lights, the easiest way to store them from year to year is on a spool.  We put that spool on a broom between our recycling and yard debris cans and unspool the lights.  This is the best and fastest way we have found to store our lights from year to year and avoid tangles.  (This process makes putting the lights away much easier too.)

Once wound off the spool, we stage them (G is all about staging) on the driveway in individual sets.  Once we have a few, we chuck them up onto the roof for installation.

Then, it is up onto the roof to get these puppies attached!  (I was up there most of the time too, just not while I was taking photos.)

In the following picture, please ignore the pumpkin on the porch, which has yet to be removed following Halloween.

And of course, because it is G, here he is checking his email on his iPhone while on the roof.

Are you as excited about Christmas as we are?  🙂


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