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Wish me luck.

December 30, 2008

So, things seem to be going okay with the sale of my current house.  The inspection was done, and although I don’t have the report yet, I have heard that they just want a few minor things taken care of, so that looks like it will go through as planned and close on January 30th.

The big news is the fact that I put an offer on a new house today and it has been accepted!!!  There is still lots to do before it may go through, like it has to pass the inspection and not be falling over.  (You think I am joking, but it was built in 1920, so you never know…)

Wanna see some pictures?  Okay!  (Courtsey of WVMLS)





FO: Golf Club Covers for Dad

December 27, 2008


Pattern: Golf Club Covers (Ravel it!)

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease in Oxford Grey, .5 ball and Red Heart Super Saver in Hunter for stripes

Needles: US 6 and US 8

Started: December 20

Finished: December 22

This was a simple and quick knit.  I knit these 2, Lyndsay knit the cover with 1 stripe.  Pattern written to be knit flat and seamed, but I am too lazy for that and so I knit it in the round with DPNs.  It was an easy mod.

I think these also make great toddler arm warmers/mittens.  Don’t you?

FO: Toasty Topper for J

December 24, 2008


Pattern: Toasty Topper (Ravel it!)

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Lake, 1 ball and Lion Brand Wool Ease in Oxford Grey, .5 ball

Needles: US 7 and US 8

Started: December 22

Finished: December 23

This was an easy, fun, and quick knit.  J desparately needed a hat knit by his mama, and I decided this was the pattern.  It is made with the yarn held double, so is very think and I think will protect J from the elements very well.  I am so glad I chose this pattern!  I ran out of the grey by the end of the hat part, so switched to two strands of the blue for the scarf part of the hat.  I added a pom pom to the top and I think that gives it that finishing, super-cute touch (thanks Aunt Lyndsay and Katy for your votes!).  I think it looks great and J didn’t immediately try to rip it off his head, so he must like it to!


And the hat didn’t stop Jazz from doing what he does when J is on the floor.


That dog really gets on my nerves sometimes…

Enough with the ice already…

December 23, 2008

Okay, so I have been up to a lot of knitting and crocheting recently, but can’t post picture until after the big holiday in a few days.  Then there will be lots to show.

Until then, enjoy these pictures of the silly ice we have had around these parts recently.




How pitiful is this sad little tree?  Just couldn’t take it…


And of course, here are two gratuitous shots of J riding a large stuffed panther.  In Christmas footie pajamas.  Obviously.



Another Snow Day at Home

December 20, 2008


Well, J and I had another snow day at home, this time just the two of us.  The boredom got to us.  Want to know how we kept ourselves amused?  Oh good!

First, Jaxon practiced climbing the stairs on his own.  He is getting REALLY good at this.



Jazz thought he needed help.



Later, J decided that emptying the tupperware drawer out onto the kitchen floor sounded like a great time.  He went at it for about 30 minutes, so I would say he did enjoy it!









After 30 minutes, he did a pretty good job of trashing the kitchen.



I may have taken the oppurtunity to knit while this was happening…


Then, I decided it was time to test out the camera’s timer.  This wasted a good 10 minutes and highly amused the b0y.




But mainly, my boys just hung out and looked cute.




A Birthday Update

December 19, 2008

This is an update to my previous post.

The blue poo I hoped for did indeed show up this morning. Success! (But, at the request of a friend, I will not be providing any pictures.) 🙂

Now you know.

Birthday Fun!

December 18, 2008

Oh my, lots to tell about today!

The first fun thing that happened was J got a haircut!  I know babies are supposed to have baby curls, but his hair was just getting ridiculous!  So, while my mom’s hair cooked, it was J’s turn!  He did such a fabulous job.  No crying, just curiousness and fun!

And he looked fabulous in his animal print cape!


It is so short now, just like a little boy!  I love it.


On our way to his birthday dinner, J and I were stuck in traffic, and he was just so happy.  I had to whip out the camera and take a photo.  (I was stopped in traffic, I promise (note the off-centerness)!


Later that evening, after dinner, there was the cake of course!  Made by grandma (my mom) just as I ordered it.  Little cake (pumpkin, yum!) with lots of bright blue frosting!  (I am going for blue poop!)  🙂


J figured out pretty quickly that bright blue frosting and pumpkin cake was not a bad thing.  🙂  He is not much for getting his hands dirty, so I ended up feeding most of it with his little fork.  But he got messy anyway, so I was happy.




After cake (and extensive blue goo cleanup), J decided that he wanted to play with his new birthday toy, his train, in just a diaper and his shoes and socks.  Who am I to tell him no?



So, there you have it.  His birthday festivities.  Successful I would say.  But I do think all that sugar got to him.  Usually he goes right to sleep when I put him in his crib, but tonight he laid in there talking for a good 30 minutes before he had his sugar crash.  🙂

J is 1!

December 18, 2008


Here he is, wearing his birthday crown (I made it earlier this week, thank you very much!) with pride.  It doesn’t seem like it has been a year.  Wow.  He just keeps getting more and more fun.

Love you tater.



Snow Day

December 15, 2008

So, today in my neck of the woods, it is icy and snowy. I don’t mind the snowy part, but the icy part is kind of a pain in the *ss.  I am trapped at home.  One day is fine, but it is not supposed to thaw for quite a while, so I am concerned.  Now is not the time in my life to spend long periods of time isolated at home.

I have J, which is great.  He has kept me entertained with his impression of Donald Trump (see crazy weird parted hair for comparison).




And I was lucky enough to have Lyndsay here most of the day (she decided it wasn’t a good idea to try to make the drive home last night so we had a slumber party).  She is gone now, but it was an adventure to watch her go.  My neighbors had to come out and push her car out of their driveway.  Want to see where she was stuck?  (This is the view from my living room window, from where J and I watched all this happen.)


I hope everyone finds themselves having fun today.  Happy Monday.