Birthday Fun!

Oh my, lots to tell about today!

The first fun thing that happened was J got a haircut!  I know babies are supposed to have baby curls, but his hair was just getting ridiculous!  So, while my mom’s hair cooked, it was J’s turn!  He did such a fabulous job.  No crying, just curiousness and fun!

And he looked fabulous in his animal print cape!


It is so short now, just like a little boy!  I love it.


On our way to his birthday dinner, J and I were stuck in traffic, and he was just so happy.  I had to whip out the camera and take a photo.  (I was stopped in traffic, I promise (note the off-centerness)!


Later that evening, after dinner, there was the cake of course!  Made by grandma (my mom) just as I ordered it.  Little cake (pumpkin, yum!) with lots of bright blue frosting!  (I am going for blue poop!)  🙂


J figured out pretty quickly that bright blue frosting and pumpkin cake was not a bad thing.  🙂  He is not much for getting his hands dirty, so I ended up feeding most of it with his little fork.  But he got messy anyway, so I was happy.




After cake (and extensive blue goo cleanup), J decided that he wanted to play with his new birthday toy, his train, in just a diaper and his shoes and socks.  Who am I to tell him no?



So, there you have it.  His birthday festivities.  Successful I would say.  But I do think all that sugar got to him.  Usually he goes right to sleep when I put him in his crib, but tonight he laid in there talking for a good 30 minutes before he had his sugar crash.  🙂


One Response to “Birthday Fun!”

  1. Patty Says:

    Sounds like he had a fabulous first b-day…spiffy haircut (adorable!), cake with blue goo, and a toy train…what more can a handsome young man want?

    And, uh, if you post an update about the poo, maybe you can skip the pic’s? 🙂

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