Big men in sparkly dresses

Guess where I went tonight?  Darcelle XV!

We went there for Lyndsay’s birthday, and it was fabulous.

Here she is with Darcelle herslef (himself?)!


And a shot of the pre-show action inside.


Sorry for the crappy pictures, I was not smart enough to grab my camera, so the phone is all I had with me.  I tried to take pictures of the show, but they turned out even worse than these.

I think it was a huge birthday party success for Lyndsay.  It seemed that way to me at least.  I bought her a drink (as did a few others) and she seemed to really have a good time.  I know I did.

Happy birthday Lyndsay!  Way to get older with style.


One Response to “Big men in sparkly dresses”

  1. Jenn Says:

    I left my camera at my aunt’s house. But once I get it back, I have pictures for you! From this very special event! However, sad to say, there is no VooDoo donuts pictures, but, that is for the best I think.

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