Boys just don’t have any fashion sense…

So, I sent J to daycare today in one of his more put-together outfits.  A cool white t-shirt, jeans, a fun teal hoodie and black on black converse.  I was impressed!

But, being a boy, his body repels a decent outfit.  This is what he looked like when I got him home this evening…


He almost never needs to have his clothes changed during the day, but of course this is the one day that he does.  And I had just realized this morning when I dropped him off that he only had spare pants at daycare (this whole not picking him up every day thing is throwing me off).  So, when he needed a change of clothes today, he had be put in some super UGLY pjs from daycare.  So, his super hip outfit from this morning turned him into a baby bum this evening.

Now I know why I usually don’t try…


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