Jaxon vs. the Doggie Door

Now that he knows how much fun the doggie door is, I think I am in big trouble…

testing-with-supervisionJazz was there to supervise the whole time.

out-looking-inHe wasn’t sure at first, but it didn’t take long…

heading-outOnce he realized how much fun it would be, he was on a mission.

still-heading-outOut he headed.

trying-to-get-outAlthough as he tried, he came to a stop trying to get his big diapered butt out of the door.

blocking-the-exitI think at this point Jazz was a little worried about his exit being blocked.

almostHe tried SO HARD to get all the way out.

In the end, I had to rescue him.  He was still happy to be half way out, but wasn’t making any progress.

Maybe next time he will make it all the way outside.  I hope so!


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