Adventures at the library

So, J and I went to the library for the first time in the last couple of weeks.  Since the last time, J has become a runner.  Needless to say, I was chasing my toddler all over the library.

Time for one of these I think.  Or should I try to hide the fact that I have my baby on a leash and get one of these?


4 Responses to “Adventures at the library”

  1. Patty Says:

    Is it just me, or does the plain leash seem sad and degrading, while the harness buddy seems cute and fun? Er, I guess that pretty much outlines my vote, huh?

  2. Laura Says:

    We had a leash for Andrew but once we were buying a car and we were in the office talking to the guy and Andrew stretched the leash out the door of the office and, once around the corner, he took it off and hooked it on something so the tension stayed, but he was free! Oh well…

  3. Sonia Says:

    Andrew is a genius.

  4. Big kids are so…weird. « A Woman and Her Boys Says:

    […] in case you noticed, yes, J is wearing a monkey on his back.  It is the item discussed in this post.  And it was totally useful (and scored me a few dirty looks, comments).  Win, win I […]

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