I gave blood, can you tell?

One week ago today, I gave blood.  I got a sticker to prove it.


I also got the bruise to prove it.  Here it is after one week.


Pretty good, huh?  It even has fun lines in it from the bandage wrap.  The most fun part of this is that this is not the arm that I gave blood from.  This is the first arm that they tried, but obviously, it did not work out.  The next arm worked better, after a little digging (and yes, I do mean digging).

I just kept chanting “I am doing a good thing, I am doing a good thing.”  And I will do it again.


One Response to “I gave blood, can you tell?”

  1. E to the M Says:

    Holy eff that is quite a bruise! I donate fairly often but that’s never happened to me. Good thing, I don’t know if I could go back.

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