J and I were invited by our good friend Amy to join her in a parade.  Of course we accepted.  Any excuse to be famous.

And we got to ride our bike/trailer, which is always a good thing.  I brought my camera but of course never got it out.  Luckily not everyone there had that same problem, and I have acquired a couple of cute pictures of the tater to share with you all.

This first picture was from when we were standing around waiting to go.  There is a lot of standing around when you are in a big parade apparently…


I know, you are jealous of the pigs-on-atvs helmet.   Me too.

And here he is striking a familiar pose in his trailer while on the parade route.

Parade 2

Looks bored, doesn’t he?

Other than a short bout of get-me-the-hell-out-of-this-torture-device-you-call-a-trailer towards the end, J was awesome for the parade.  Mainly just hanging out as you saw above.  Oh, and dumping goldfish all over his lap.

Wanna see us in action?  Well, go here and skip forward to about 22 minutes.  We are there a few times.  FAMOUS.


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