J’s First Tattoo

Just a note before we begin:  Do you know how hard it is to get a clear picture of a moving toddler on a cloudy day?  Geez.

IMG_4134What, me difficult?

Last week I decided J needed to get a little butched up (okay no, not really).  I figured a tattoo was the best way to do that.  And to keep it age-appropriate, we went with a bunny holding a flower.  🙂

Manly, huh?




I know you can’t see his tattoo in that last picture, it is meant to demonstrate his manliness (he is flexing, can’t you tell?).

Apparently all the babies at daycare love it, and gather around Jaxon every time they could see it, which wasn’t that often since it is so far up his arm.  (Note for next time: put it somewhere VISIBLE.)

A week later it is still there, a little worse for the wear (yes, of course it is a temporary tattoo).   And every time the tater doesn’t have a shirt on, he points to his bunny.  I think he is proud.


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