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My town can be interesting…

August 31, 2009

Most people would say that the city I live in is not so exciting.  Most of the time I would be one of them.  But tonight, while out with my sister, I was shown otherwise.

First was knitting at a local coffee shop.  Then we walked over a block over to dinner.  Falafel and hummus and pita.  Yum.  Then across the street for gelato.  I had the peanut butter.  Yum again.

As we were sitting out on the sidewalk, enjoying the warm night, a huge group of people riding by on bikes, most with Xtracycles.  And this guy.

Crazy Bike Downtown - 1

This is not a great photo, but you can see that his bike is double-decker.  So cool.  And there is a woman riding on the back (you can kind of see her).  But the best part was the stereo he had blasting while he rode around was the best part.

My next question: who was this group of people riding around downtown with very useful bikes?


J Loves to Clean

August 28, 2009

Just like in the past, J is all over helping me clean up.

He puts my shoes away in my closet.

Cleaning - 01

Cleaning - 02

Cleaning - 03

He vacuums. (Child labor?  Whatever!)

Cleaning - 05

Cleaning - 09

But there is always time for a little fun, like throwing the ball up! (Or as Jaxon likes to say, “Up! Up! Up!”

Cleaning - 14

Cleaning - 15

Cleaning - 17

He works hard and plays hard too.  Gotta love it!

At the Aquarium

August 27, 2009

About a million years month ago, J and I went to the aquarium on the coast.  J goes to the zoo all the time, and his favorite has always been the fish, so it was a good assumption that he would enjoy a whole complex of fish in tanks.  Plus, it was ten million over one hundred degrees in the valley, so a nice trip to the cool coast sounded perfect.  I think J loved it, I know I did!

IMG_4218In the lobby, so excited to get started.

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 07Crazy spiky, stripey fish.  (What? Did you really expect me to note their actual names?)

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 08The way they lit the sea horses made them practically glow, it was crazy.

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 11Jelly fish.  Squishy.  Glowy.  (Wait, is glowy a word?)

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 23J got to touch some sea life.

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 25Lazy seals.  Seriously.  I could have taken a video.  It would look just like this only with crowd noises.

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 40Crazy flapping birds.

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 37J was freaked out/totally amused by the crazy flapping bird.

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 67Fish swam over our heads.

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 82Jaxon played in the playground area.  On concrete fish, totally related to the aquarium.

A Cloudy Day at the Park – Video Essay

August 26, 2009

Okay, not an essay exactly, but there are videos!

Knitting – Coming Soon

August 25, 2009

In the works for knitting are a couple of sweaters for Jaxon for this Fall and Winter.  I just ordered the yarn and am getting pretty anxious to get started!

I am going to be knitting this basic V-neck sweater for him from Pure and Simple Knitting.

v neck

The yarn I ordered is Knit Picks Swish DK in Moss (Green) and Persimmon Heather (Dark Orange).  I just want to get started NOW.  Come faster yarn, come faster!

Just a Diaper and a Crocheted Hat

August 24, 2009

Life doesn’t get much better I dare to say.



FO: World’s Ugliest (and Ill-fitting) Toddler Vest

August 21, 2009


Pattern: Naturally Classic Vest (Lionbrand) (Ravel it!)

Yarn: Red Heart Kids, Crayon

Needles: US6 & US7

Started: August 9

Finished: August 17


Oh, what to say about this…  I think the title says it all.  Mom gave me this yarn (as cast off from a project she is working on for J) and it was just so ugly and crazy and gross and clown-puke-like, I just had to make something with it.  I didn’t want to commit to much, so I thought a vest would be perfect.

It is too wide, too short, and scary it is so ugly.  I didn’t expect anything else!  The only way J will ever wear this again is if they announce a Clash Day at daycare.  🙂  Even though it is terrible, I giggled the whole time I was knitting it, and am so glad I did!


Big kids are so…weird.

August 20, 2009

Or at least that is what it looks like J is thinking in these photos of him and two of my friend Katy’s kids while we were waiting for the shuttle to the Silverton Art Fair this weekend.  So cute, I just had to share.


Doesn’t J look great in a hat?  Now only if he would keep it on for more than 5 seconds…


And in case you noticed, yes, J is wearing a monkey on his back.  It is the item discussed in this post.  And it was totally useful (and scored me a few dirty looks, comments).  Win, win I say!

Jaxon’s in the Cupboard

August 19, 2009

He’s hiding.





FO: Baby Surprise Jacket

August 17, 2009


Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket (Elizabeth Zimmerman) (Ravel it!)

Yarn: Knit One, Crochet Too, Pumpkin Garden

Needles: US6

Started: May 3

Finished: August 16


The knitting on this one went fairly quickly.  It only took me over 3 months to finish it because I avoided seaming this thing up.  Well, that was silly.  Took me about 20 minutes, following the Yarn Harlot’s method.  It was simple.

I really like the buttons I got for it.  I also like the orange thread I used to sew the buttons on.  It all works I think.


I don’t have a baby in mind for this sweater.  I just knit it because it is one of those things a knitter has to make.  Anyone need a knitterly famous baby sweater?