Big kids are so…weird.

Or at least that is what it looks like J is thinking in these photos of him and two of my friend Katy’s kids while we were waiting for the shuttle to the Silverton Art Fair this weekend.  So cute, I just had to share.


Doesn’t J look great in a hat?  Now only if he would keep it on for more than 5 seconds…


And in case you noticed, yes, J is wearing a monkey on his back.  It is the item discussed in this post.  And it was totally useful (and scored me a few dirty looks, comments).  Win, win I say!


One Response to “Big kids are so…weird.”

  1. JME Says:

    Yah, the monkey on the back is GREAT! I used it on Aiden in the airport and I must say I didn’t notice any nasty looks if they were there! And Aiden LOVED it, thought it was the coolest thing ever. The people with their nasty looks and comments can keep on keepin on with their nasty looks and comments… we’ll live good with the monkey!!! Miss you and miss J!!!

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