FO: World’s Ugliest (and Ill-fitting) Toddler Vest


Pattern: Naturally Classic Vest (Lionbrand) (Ravel it!)

Yarn: Red Heart Kids, Crayon

Needles: US6 & US7

Started: August 9

Finished: August 17


Oh, what to say about this…  I think the title says it all.  Mom gave me this yarn (as cast off from a project she is working on for J) and it was just so ugly and crazy and gross and clown-puke-like, I just had to make something with it.  I didn’t want to commit to much, so I thought a vest would be perfect.

It is too wide, too short, and scary it is so ugly.  I didn’t expect anything else!  The only way J will ever wear this again is if they announce a Clash Day at daycare.  🙂  Even though it is terrible, I giggled the whole time I was knitting it, and am so glad I did!



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