At the Aquarium

About a million years month ago, J and I went to the aquarium on the coast.  J goes to the zoo all the time, and his favorite has always been the fish, so it was a good assumption that he would enjoy a whole complex of fish in tanks.  Plus, it was ten million over one hundred degrees in the valley, so a nice trip to the cool coast sounded perfect.  I think J loved it, I know I did!

IMG_4218In the lobby, so excited to get started.

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 07Crazy spiky, stripey fish.  (What? Did you really expect me to note their actual names?)

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 08The way they lit the sea horses made them practically glow, it was crazy.

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 11Jelly fish.  Squishy.  Glowy.  (Wait, is glowy a word?)

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 23J got to touch some sea life.

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 25Lazy seals.  Seriously.  I could have taken a video.  It would look just like this only with crowd noises.

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 40Crazy flapping birds.

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 37J was freaked out/totally amused by the crazy flapping bird.

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 67Fish swam over our heads.

Oregon Coast Aquarium - 82Jaxon played in the playground area.  On concrete fish, totally related to the aquarium.


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