My town can be interesting…

Most people would say that the city I live in is not so exciting.  Most of the time I would be one of them.  But tonight, while out with my sister, I was shown otherwise.

First was knitting at a local coffee shop.  Then we walked over a block over to dinner.  Falafel and hummus and pita.  Yum.  Then across the street for gelato.  I had the peanut butter.  Yum again.

As we were sitting out on the sidewalk, enjoying the warm night, a huge group of people riding by on bikes, most with Xtracycles.  And this guy.

Crazy Bike Downtown - 1

This is not a great photo, but you can see that his bike is double-decker.  So cool.  And there is a woman riding on the back (you can kind of see her).  But the best part was the stereo he had blasting while he rode around was the best part.

My next question: who was this group of people riding around downtown with very useful bikes?


One Response to “My town can be interesting…”

  1. Breakfast on Bikes Says:

    I’m pretty sure you saw the Ginger Ninjas! Here’s info on their visit. I looked for them between 5pm and 7pm, and never found them. There were problems & delays, and I haven’t yet got the full scoop. Thanks for posting about this!

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