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A Perfect Fall Day and an FO

November 15, 2009

A few weeks ago, J and I and our friends Sonia and Amy decided to go on a fall excursion.  We drove out together to visit a few orchards and a pumpkin patch.

We stopped in town to get some morning refreshments at local coffee shop before we headed out for the day.  J decided to check his email.


Of course, being so on top of things, I didn’t get any pictures of most of the rest of the day, including a pumpkin patch, an orchard, and an alpaca farm (yarn, woo!).  But, when we stopped for some roadside BBQ (yum) I did manage to get some pictures of J swinging on the tire swing there.  He loved it!



I know he doesn’t look happy in this picture, but I promise he liked it.

Either that or I enjoy toddler torture via tire swing.  You decide.

After J was done, I convinced Amy to take a ride too!

IMG_0291(Don’t tell her I showed you this.)

Oh, the green sweater J is wearing in these pictures is the one I was plotting to make him back here.  Go to Ravelry if you want the juicy details.


Jaxon in Cacoons

November 10, 2009

J has had a bit of an obsession with “blankies” recently.  I think it is peer pressure from daycare.   Everyone else has a blankie and he wants one too!  Understandable.

The only problem is, he doesn’t know he is supposed to want only one blankie.  So for him really any blankie will do.  He has been enjoying his blankies in the car recently.

Here are 2 crappy cell phone pictures from the last week that show how giddy he is to get tucked into his car seat in the morning with his blankie(s).



My view right now.

November 3, 2009

From one end of the couch to the other. I love it.