A Perfect Fall Day and an FO

A few weeks ago, J and I and our friends Sonia and Amy decided to go on a fall excursion.  We drove out together to visit a few orchards and a pumpkin patch.

We stopped in town to get some morning refreshments at local coffee shop before we headed out for the day.  J decided to check his email.


Of course, being so on top of things, I didn’t get any pictures of most of the rest of the day, including a pumpkin patch, an orchard, and an alpaca farm (yarn, woo!).  But, when we stopped for some roadside BBQ (yum) I did manage to get some pictures of J swinging on the tire swing there.  He loved it!



I know he doesn’t look happy in this picture, but I promise he liked it.

Either that or I enjoy toddler torture via tire swing.  You decide.

After J was done, I convinced Amy to take a ride too!

IMG_0291(Don’t tell her I showed you this.)

Oh, the green sweater J is wearing in these pictures is the one I was plotting to make him back here.  Go to Ravelry if you want the juicy details.


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