Afternoon O’ Fun

This past Friday, I was able to leave work a bit early.  J and I decided to take full advantage.

We recently became members of the local children’s museum, so that was our first stop.

The fish ate J’s finger.  The blurry head makes it obvious he was thrilled about this.

Do you see this? The fish is EATING my finger! HILARIOUS!

Next there was a little boating.

Arrrrrrrr matey!

We found a room full of animals and hats and costumes.  J loves hats so he insisted that not only did we put on matching hats, but that we take a picture of it.


Activity not pictured: standing (for what felt like hours) in front of the tank with the turtle.  “Turtle!!!  There’s turtle!  Turtle’s belly!  Turtle is swimming!  Turtle go away!  Turtle come back!  Turtle!”  Eventually I had to drag him away from there for my own sanity.

We closed the place and had a blast (more pictures from a different visit soon!)

After that we hit the library for a quick visit (they were about to close soon).  Of course, there was playing there as well.

Yee Haw!

Well, there you go.  We had just a couple of hours, but fit in a LOT of fun!


One Response to “Afternoon O’ Fun”

  1. Belly Costume Says:

    J is so sweeeeet :))))))

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