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Very Important Parenting Knowledge

October 20, 2010

You know your toddler is fake-crying when he pauses mid-whine to take another bite of graham cracker.



October 18, 2010

Someone doesn’t want to wake up this morning… (And he matches my flannel sheets!)

Daycare Brawl

October 14, 2010

I don’t know what they other guy looks like…


October 7, 2010

Boats.  Seals.  Views.  Grandparents.  It’s all good.

1. IMG_5733, 2. IMG_5738, 3. IMG_5739, 4. IMG_5741, 5. IMG_5750, 6. IMG_5755, 7. IMG_5766, 8. IMG_5767, 9. IMG_5776, 10. IMG_5779, 11. IMG_5774, 12. IMG_5752

A Sign of Success

October 5, 2010

You know the fountain soaping went well when the suds are spilling over into the surrounding walkway!

More Children’s Museum Pictures

October 3, 2010

Another visit the the children’s museum in town brings more cute pictures.

Sitting in the huge chair.

Driving the bus:  “Hey, get out of the way!”

(You can see just the start of all the outside play structures in the background of these pictures.  It is insane how huge and cool and fun it is.)

And last are the pictures from what I call the Super Fun Room.  (And yes, it deserves to be capitalized!)  I think it will be obvious to you why I gave it that name.

I would spend all day in there if I could, but J (being 2) doesn’t last quite as long…  Too bad.