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Mood Swings Swinging

March 5, 2008

These pictures were taken after J woke from a nap in his swing. I always stop it but don’t get him out right away and instead talk to him some. He is usually in a good mood during this exchange. This particular session, he couldn’t exactly decide what mood to be in. (Please keep in mind that these 10 photos were taken in the span of about 2 minutes!)

Boys… 🙂


A small tidbit of information you don’t want:

February 17, 2008

Sometimes when J poops really loudly, it scares the dogs.

You’re welcome.

Look what K made!

February 13, 2008

J finally fits into one of his handmade gifts!

Thanks for the great sweater K! Don’t you all just love the colors?


February 12, 2008

It has just recently (in the last few weeks) started that little J notices his surroundings more. I am now convinced that the smiles I see are not only due to gas, but actually as a reaction to the things he sees. Let the pictures below of him in his bouncy chair and on his play mat be evidence of this new found interactive-ness. Enjoy!

And now for something different…

February 6, 2008

So, I have been a little one sided recently when it comes to the blog. Baby, baby, baby. Althought that is fun, I need to get a bit of a life!

Just recently, I have tried to put some more of my past made projects on Ravelry. I have also just recently added quite a few things to my queue (more on that later). But, if you aren’t cool enough to have an account on Ravelry, below is a sample of the things I have made in the past and recently.

Okay, I couldn’t not put a picture of little J in this post. It’s a process…

Superbowl Fun!

February 4, 2008

Yesterday was the Superbowl, as I am sure you know. Me and the fam went to a par-tay hosted by our friends Sonia and Amy. J was cute, but not so amused during the first half.

The adults in the room however, were very amused. Nothing like a crap-load of food to make a group happy!

One of the main activities of the evening was a quiz about the Superbowl that Sonia got from work and brought to the party for us to play. Amy and Sonia even provided prizes, one for the winner and one for the looser! Lyndsay ended up being the big winner, taking home a DVD copy of Rudy and Jerry Maguire, while I ended up being the big loser (I only got 2 out of 15 correct). I won something great, a can of Cheddar Cheese Pringles! I have not yet popped open my prize, but they are calling my name so I don’t think it will be long before they are gone.

I hope that all of you out there had just as much fun yesterday as we did.

Happy Monday!

Our Barney

January 20, 2008

My parents had to put their dog Barney down today.

Let’s remember him having fun.

We will miss you Barney!

Happy 1 Month Birthday J!

January 18, 2008

Movie Night!

January 17, 2008

Last night was the first movie night for little J away from our house. (We had movie night last week, but at our house, so it doesn’t really count.)

Although G and I had a great time (can you say fried tortillas? YUM), little J was not as amused. See my evidence below!

Well, at least he was comfortable, right?

An important question from S…

January 14, 2008

Does having taken these pictures make me a bad mommy?

I didn’t think so either. You have to capture all the moments, right?